At The Children’s Garden, our mission is to give your child the best start to their education possible. The attention we pay to the development of the child psychologically and physiologically is matched by no-one else, and is what separates us from ordinary care-based centres.


Help your child reach their

full potential

The Children’s Garden has developed a philosophy of play-based learning through years of research and experience, using best-practice recommendations in the field of early years psychology and pedagogy. We recognise that each child is a capable and competent learner, and this is encouraged by educators who provide experiences in line with children’s interests, pose open ended and thought provoking questions, while conversing with children regarding their daily experiences.

Play indoors or


The Children’s Garden understands the importance of the environment in a child’s development. The indoor environment is aesthetic and stimulating, arranged in an ordered and accessible manner, while the outdoor environment encourages the enjoyment of, and cooperation with, nature and its open ended challenges. These environments allow children to choose their own areas of interest and determine how to plan and learn. We understand that this gives children a strong sense of self-belief, builds resilience, and encourages problem solving skills.




The Children’s Garden supports sustainable practices and encourages the use and practice of recycling items. Children are encouraged to participate in sustaining the garden for the purpose of developing empathetic emotional skills, and nurturing in-house animals, such as chickens and rabbits.