we learn and grow

at the children’s garden, We’ve developed a unique and exceptional early childhood education curriculum focusing on play-based learning in a natural environment.

We’ve developed a philosophy of early learning inspired by research and best-practice recommendations. We understand the importance of respecting the child’s right to play, explore and discover freely. Children are given the tools, resources, and space to develop the skills they’ll rely on in their futures.

Play indoors or


Natural environments stimulate play, development, and learning in a boundless fashion. When left to their own free will, children are fascinated by the natural environment. They’re drawn to other living things, especially animals. The natural world for young children is more than just the environment, it’s something they interact with and are influenced by. Children will touch, dig, poke, smell, taste, and so on, as they explore and experiment about how their world works.




The Children’s Garden supports sustainable practices and encourages the use and practice of recycling items. Children are encouraged to participate in sustaining the garden for the purpose of developing empathetic emotional skills, and nurturing in-house animals, such as chickens and rabbits.



Documentation of children’s learning is an important aspect of our partnership with families and staying up to date with the home and centre-based lives of the child. We want to work cooperatively with parents to ensure best-practices are maintained in all spheres of the child’s life.

exceeding National Quality


Our program encompasses the principles, practice and outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards and is delivered by experienced professionals who are innovative, ambitious, and seek to uphold the values of the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics.

On-going Professional


The Children’s Garden will always endeavour to provide its highest level of education and care for the children. To maintain these standards the centre supports the on-going professional development of our educators and is dedicated to ensuring that our educators are valued for the pivotal role that they play in the education of the young children in our care.